Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its A Small World

Today is the big day.... our newest daughter comes to stay with us. She does not have a blog name yet, but she is from Norway. We spent the day yesterday cleaning, much to the kids chagrin! I remember when Kiwi first walked into the house last year... Macy's first words were, "Look around, it will never be this clean again!" (BTW... that wasn't true-- we cleaned really well when Kiwi's parents came to visit too!!!)

Yesterday, besides cleaning I also got to video talk to Kiwi on Skype for 30 minutes, tell our new Norweigen daughter Good Night on Facebook (she was on a layover in Washington) and talk on the phone to Nurse Sue who was celebrating her birthday in Hawaii!! The world is getting smaller!!

Well, better get ready to head to the airport. I am getting really good at navigating around that place.... considering I never go anywhere!!! LOL!

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