Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We have had these friends for a long time. I think we’ve known them for about 12 years. We did not start out as friends. L and I did not understand each other at all. She did not get my sense of humor and I did not get the way she seemed to say everything she thought… before she really seemed to process it. She made a comment about letting our children come to a retreat that our theater group was having because the water would be too accessible. She said it in a way that made me think she meant we did not watch our kids close enough. We skipped the retreat for the next two years because of the comment (and scheduling issues). A different issue came up between Dad B and L and the retreat issue was mentioned. L was shocked. She did not realize her comment had hurt Pepper and I so much.

A few years later, J&L bought property on the lake that our group always met for their retreat. The annual event has been held at their lake house ever since. We almost always go. Not only do we go for the retreat but L calls every summer… at least once and invites just our family for dinner. We always fit in a day at their lake every summer. A few weeks ago we went by their street on the way to Hell with Megamom and family. The kids recognized the street and nearly accosted Pepper and I asking when we could see J&L. (They actually yelled, “Turn, turn here, Mom!!” as we passed by their street on our way home from Hell)

L called and we headed over for dinner this week. I always ask what we can bring and she always says, “Nothing, I thought we’d order pizza at the place up the street. It is really good pizza. We can just split the cost.” When we get there she is always cooking some great dish…. It is never pizza!

I was helping her in the kitchen (I brought watermelon to ‘go with’ the pizza!) and I told her the dinner smelled really good. Then I added, “but it doesn’t smell like pizza! Am I ever gonna get that pizza?” She looked at me and said she really thought I’d like the meal she was making more than pizza. I told her I would but I was still waiting for pizza. She stopped and just looked at me a minute. I smiled and said, “I wouldn’t tease you if I didn’t love you.” She smiled and then shook her head, saying, “I know that now, but it took awhile.”

I guess I am an acquired taste… ☺

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  1. Sarcasm IS problematic. I'm really sensitive to comments that strike me as critical, even when they're almost never meant that way. The only thing worse than sarcastic humor meant in fun is when sombody is brutally honest and you THINK they're sarcastic. (Like my lovely boyfriend, who's always, yes always, truthful. At least he's not a liar.) :-D