Monday, August 3, 2009

Picnic Time

This weekend I went on two picnics with friends and family and I forgot how much I enjoyed them. The first was for our church canoe trip. This was the first year that I stayed relatively dry. I usually end up flipping the boat in rapids or somehow getting dumped out. Uncle K and Dad D were also there so all the kids went in their boats. That left Pepper and I alone in our own canoe. Not having the kids in the boat may have contributed to the ‘dryness’ factor! I also watched Skip and modified my steering to more of what she was doing. (I am not great at steering, but Pepper doesn’t like to do it either) I think Pepper likes me to steer just so she can tell everyone later that she thinks I did not really do my fair share of paddling!! The picnic afterward was very nice. Hot dogs, taco salad, desserts, lots of friends from church chatting about how enjoyable the canoe trip was. It was a very nice day.

The second picnic was Sunday. We picked up pizza right after church and headed over to the park to meet Megamom and her kids. The kids played nicely together at the playground area and we all held onto our plates because the wind kept picking up. Once the kids were all tired of playing on the swings we all piled into the cars and drove to Hell, Michigan. Megamom’s oldest daughter and friend from Ohio had never been there, so… we got to go to Hell!! Had ice cream, looked at everything in the gift shop and walked over to play by the river. Everyone had a great time there too. The boys feel asleep on the way home… so did Pepper. ☺

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  1. Picnics are fun. My kids all had a great time and thought all your kids were very nice! Ricky still wants to come dig up bones..... ;)