Saturday, August 8, 2009

The treats

The kids are all away from home tonight. The two oldest are at camp and the other three are at their Dad's. Pepper and I ran some errands today... the Farmer's market and grocery store mainly. I knew we bought some 'treats' at the store and Pepper put them away. Tonight I opened the freezer looking for the treats and I did not see them anywhere!! I knew the kids weren't there so my first thought was that they were still in the car... in August, ugh!! I asked Pepper if we forgot to bring them in. She said, "Nope, I brought them in. They are in the freezer." I told her I had looked and didn't see them. She walked over, moved a bunch of stuff on the bottom shelf and ta-da, treats!!!

I said, "I didn't even see them in there!"

She said, "The kids would find these fast in here.... I hide the good stuff under the vegetables... they never look there!!"

"Smart," I said, "Hey, where do you hide stuff from me?"

She just smiled.

Hmmm..... :)

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  1. You've given the kids my secret - now I'll have to think of something new!!! :)