Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Number 99

Ok... this is my 99th post. The 100th one is supposed to be a big deal So, I am hoping my readers will make this one special for me. I would like more followers. I know more people read this blog, because they tell me. It is not difficult to become a follower and there is no 'pinky swear allegiance' or 'blood oath' involved. It is very easy. Just click on Follow and type in your email address. That allows you to make comments on my blog.... which anyone who has a blog will say is nice to get. If you are not a follower yet.... just do it! If you are a follower, thank you. See you for the 100th post!!

PS.... thanks Fresh!!



  1. Glad to be along! Congrats on 99. That's a cool number, it reminds me of Get Smart. PS. how in the heck can you have 5 kids and be sane? :-D PPS. I wanted to be a speech therapist or an OT before I decided to go into art.

  2. Okay, I have been following since forever. You already have more followers than I do. It is nice to get comments. Then you know someone is reading... or appreciating... or thinking, "Geez, compared to her life mine is a piece of cake!" or something like that. Glad you have a Fresh new follower. Keep up the great work! :)