Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Dinner

Dinner tonight was a family affair. Dori peeled potatoes, Pete grilled steak (in the rain), Pepper ran to the store, Dill helped set the table.... but Macy was in her room. She said she was feeling out of sorts and said her skin hurt. She has sensory issues and gets that way every once in awhile. She used to feel this way all the time, but as she has gotten older these rough patches are getting less common. Since everyone else was working in the kitchen Macy was down for dinner last... which means she got the last steak. We did our usual "highs and lows" at dinner (where everyone tells the best and worst thing about their day) but Macy was still pretty quiet.

After dinner Macy and I were working on the dishes and she said, "Did you see that I ate my steak without complaining?" I asked what she meant and she said, "my steak was WAY under-cooked but I did not want to hurt Pete's feelings so I ate it anyway."

I told her that was very nice but I wanted to know what she thought was wrong with her steak. She said, "Did you see it? It was so rare I could see the tape worms!"

Sometime I need to tell her the story about how GG always tasted her raw hamburger in the grocery store before she'd buy it. She ate raw hamburger for decades and she is still alive... maybe its been the tapeworms all this time. :)

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