Thursday, March 4, 2010


At Macy and Pete’s middle school this semester, a new program was initiated. It is called the “Zap!” program… which stands for “Zero’s aren’t permitted!” The ZAP! Program meant that the kids were no longer allowed to miss turning in assignments. If they forgot… lost… tell the teacher that the dog ate their term paper… they get a stamp in their planner. They then have until the next morning before school to turn in the assignment or they have to stay after school for one hour and get the work done. Both of my middle school children began to worry about getting the ZAP stamp, but for different reasons. Macy, the 8th grader, found out that if a student received more than 2 Zap stamps this term, they could not go on their 8th grade trip…. Cedar Point. Pete, the 6th grader thought the stamp looked super cool and wanted to have it stamped on his forehead… his teacher told him if he could go 4 days without any missing assignments she would ZAP! Stamp his forehead… both kids have been working incredibly hard this week to get things turned in… hope the incentive keeps working!! ☺

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