Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Weekend #1

Our winter weekend finally arrived!! Pepper and I decided to head up to Traverse City again. It was such a nice trip last year we couldn’t think of anything we wanted to try more than a repeat of the same trip. We came up on Friday afternoon. We took our time driving up after we got the kids all on their school buses. We stopped for lunch and shopped a bit along the way and listened to a book on CD that we had selected at the library. We got into Traverse City and checked into our room. It was not the same hotel as last year. We had heard good things about 3 hotels and looked online to see which had the best rates. The one we picked had an in-room Jacuzzi and a fireplace… although Pepper and I both thought that THREE TV’s was a bit much (one was in the bathroom!!)

When we walked into the room there was a tiny little kitchenette with a 2 burner stove… Pepper said, “Oh, we have a stove!! I want to go get some food and try it out!!” My comment back to her was, “Really? We have one of these at home in our kitchen… you never wanna use that one!!” Well, I thought it was funny!! ☺

More on our trip soon…

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