Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wake up call

Dill has always been an early riser. He gets his “morning person” status from Pepper… definitely. When Dill was younger he came into our bed every morning… kind of a toddler wake up call. He has not really done that in quite some time. Nowadays he just hangs out in the living room or switches on Spongebob until the rest of us wake up. Since our TV is acting up (apparently it heard from the washer that breaking down is the thing to do if you are an appliance living here) he decided to come in early this morning to cuddle. Just picture it… the bed all warm and toasty, everything quiet and peaceful. Dill crawling up the center of the bed to snuggle. He gets right between Pepper and I… (now we are both awake but quiet, hoping he will just settle in and sleep awhile more) he looks at us and says, “How come you two look so old when you are laying down? Mom you look about 80!!”

I burst out laughing because I could just imagine the look on Pepper’s face without even opening my eyes. Earnestly, Dill adds, “When you guys are standing up you only look about 20…. But laying down you look a lot older.” Too late son….

He redeemed himself a little about half an hour later by bringing Pepper and I breakfast in bed. Two HUGE bowls of cereal with enough milk in each bowl to take a swim. Pepper thought it was very sweet but has decided we need to teach the boy to make coffee. ☺

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