Friday, March 5, 2010

Those Kindergarteners...

Working with kindergarteners makes for lots of laughs. They are so amusing sometimes. I was evaluating one little guy today and he was so funny giving me definitions that I actually kept going after he topped out because his answers were so cute. For one question I asked him what is a sheep? He had to give me two facts to get credit for the answer.

He said: An animal.

I said: yes, tell me more.

He said: it has feet.

I said: yes, tell me more.

He said: It lives in a forest

I said: Hmmm, tell me more.

He said: It has sharp teeth and can be big.

I said: A sheep? Is that all you know about them?

He said: No, I know it wears wolf clothes.

Trying to figure out what he was thinking I said: Are you thinking of “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

He said: That’s what my Grandma calls my Dad.

I said: Ok, next question….

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