Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter Weekend #3

While we were in Traverse City we happened upon a store that had a tarot card reader. We thought it sounded interesting so we decided to give it a try. A mystic looking woman with long hair led us into a small back room, sectioned off with hanging carpets. The room was cozy, with candles and plants along the walls. Pepper and I sat next to each other across from the mystic woman. It started out a bit rocky.… she offered us 2 sets of cards but then she said we had the wrong cards… and she became flustered and said she had started the layout wrong. we had to begin again. She flipped over the first cards and said we had a solid relationship with a rocky start, then she said Pepper knew what she wanted but I didn’t… hmmm. She turned over more cards and told Pepper not to be wishy washy, then she said we needed to make time for just us in our relationship. I thought, Gee that’s why we were in TC at this very moment! She talked about her “guides” and how they helped her know what to say and do. Pepper and I talked about this idea of “guides” later and Pepper said she didn’t have one. I told her I thought everyone did.

Towards the end of the reading the woman told us that we needed to communicate more with each other. At first I thought, “Dang, we work together, live together and are speech therapists… of course we communicate!!’ But when I thought further I realized that we did listen to a CD the whole drive up to TC and maybe we take it for granted that we have lots of OPPORTUNITIES and SKILLS to talk to each other… but it is something we could improve on. We selected 3 cards each at the end… mine were emotion, love and child… so she said my mainstay was playfulness and Val’s were music, forward and On the right path, so the woman thought we were going to do just fine. Overall it was interesting new experience and gave me some things to think about. ☺

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