Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter Weekend #2

We went to lots of great places to eat while we were here. We also checked out some of our favorite wineries too. When we got here Friday night we met Skip and Pal for dinner at a new restaurant called Phil’s. It was very good. I even got fish (which is not my usual thing… but it was very good) It’s funny that we work in the same place and live within 20 miles of each other, yet we drive all the way to the top of the state to meet for dinner. This is actually becoming a kind of annual event…since we met last year in Traverse City but then we ate at the Grand Traverse Resort. Both times was very enjoyable…. But FYI, there are good restaurants closer to home too!!

We also tried Cook’s House (very good), Minerva’s (not as good… Pepper’s Walleye was HUGE… but bony) Hanna’s (nice brunch… and an excellent wine garage sale!!). We tried to go to a couple other places but the sidewalks roll up on Sunday and most places were closed. Sunday night we went back to Phil’s (mainly because the lights were on there!!) I had a very good steak … and Pepper liked her fish. I think Pepper was just glad that we found something else open besides Hooter’s!! :)

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